🚙 Clink Paint Pop-Ups

For Businesses | We Come To You | 100% Fully Insured

Are you a business looking for activities to add to your event lineup to spur engagement, foot traffic, and sales? Learn about our ALL-INCLUSIVE Paint Pop-Up services offered in Kernersville, Winston-Salem, & Greensboro. We are fully insured and can provide a COI upon request. 

How Does It Work?

Simple: we bring our 2 hour paint + sip to your venue. We promote, setup, host, breakdown, and fully cleanup. Our events include an artist guide + event organizer. We are fully insured. We also advertise the event at no cost to you. All materials and traced canvases included. You don't have to lift a finger!

What Does It Cost?

Our registration fee is $35/person or two for $10 off (within the Piedmont Triad) and this includes everything listed below. We normally also include the first drink (snack or gift) on us up to $5 for the guests. You can pass the registration fee onto your guests with our event registration portal via Eventbrite and Facebook Events. We collect registrations and payments, and handle returns and refunds, so you don't have to worry about that. 

What Is Included?

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  • 1 hour setup

    • we can move tables and chairs around to set things up. Table and chair rentals are available via our vendor for a small additional fee.

  • 2 hour event

    • our fun & engaging Artist Guide will host and provide the painting instruction step-by-step and one-on-one guidance

  • 1 hour breakdown and cleanup

    • we pride ourselves in leaving the space exactly or better than we found it 

  • 16x20 canvases

    • your guests use these to paint on and its theirs to take home 

    • our artist will pre-trace each canvas per the nights painting 

  • Table covers

    • we bring enough table covers to protect all tables 

  • Cleaning material & trash bags

    • we clean up any spills - it's safe as it's acrylic paint - and also bags to clean any and all trash

  • Paint and paint brushes

    • we bring all the material needed for a professional paint class 

  • Paper towels and disposable palettes

    • for mixing and painting needs, easy to dispose of in our bins which we take with us 

  • Jars with water

    • all dirty water is kept with us to be safely disposed off at our offices 

  • Table easels

    • used to hold the canvas up and setup at the event location 

  • Decoration

    • some table decor is brought to make the event pop

Other Perks

  • We make sure to encourage offerings you may have for guests (i.e. drinks, food, other items for sale) 

  • If food is available, we pass out menus and help with serving and cleanup. 

  • We advertise our events on Facebook, Instagram, Eventbrite, and more - all while tagging your business as well and any other events going on for the night (like live music) at no additional cost to you 

  • We provide social media creative, Stories, Reels, and TikToks to create buzz for your events. You are welcome to use the material as well. 

  • Events are listed on Facebook Events, Eventbrite, and show up on Google. We also sometimes show up on "things to do" email blasts sent by 3rd party vendors 

  • We help fill your event roster for each month. You can book us for 1 month, or on a recurring basis and let it run on "auto-pilot" 


Watercolor Paint

🥂 Ready to Clink?

Book a private party at home OR find us at a local venue via our paint pop-ups. Let's clink to that! 🥂